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You may host streaming software on Netrouting servers. It is your responsiblity to ensure that the material being streamed is not copyright protected by United States federal or International law. Since streaming applications can be bandwidth intensive, i...
BitTorrent protocols and peer-to-peer software are permitted. Netrouting advises close monitoring of all file sharing activity for violation of copyright law including the unlawful distribution of commercial software or copyright protected material. The d...
You may contact our abuse department by sending an email to Netrouting does not accept reports of abuse via telephone, fax or other means of communication.
Yes, Netrouting permits the hosting of legal adult material.
The use of private Internet relay chat servers for communication among private parties is allowed. Netrouting expressly forbids IRC servers connected to public networks or servers. Furthermore, any IRC servers that cause disruptions of our network, networ...
We are happy to allow you to use the Netrouting logo and banners on your website, but only with prior approval. Please contact beforehand to obtain permission to use our logo or branding on your website.
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For assistance with your license, please contact the Kayako support team: